About us

Elliott Truck Sales...

“Hey Pig Pen, this here is the Rubber Duck....”
“East bound and down....”
“Sign says clearance to the twelve foot line, but the chickens were stacked to thirteen-nine....”
“Daddy drives an eighteen-wheeler and he’s off on a Midwest run....”

While these words might make you smile and bring to mind an era that most have forgotten and many of the younger generations know nothing about, this is the soundtrack of my life....

To say I was raised around trucks, is nothing short of bob tail rig....

Aaron Elliott

My dad, Shelby Elliott starting selling trucks when I was 5. From riding in numbered 359 Pete’s to mailing out flyers for the family business to selling my first truck at 17, trucks have paved the way thru my life like 1-80 thru the USA.

Shelby Elliott

I’ve sold trucks to nearly every corner of the States. My log book has miles traveled from West Texas oil fields to Northern Iowa corn fields to the deserts of Arizona delivering my customers (many of whom I prefer to call my friends) their trucks. I’ve had the privilege of selling trucks to some wonderful folks from South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The Elliott Family

After years of helping seat thousands of drivers from an office at a big corporate operation, I’ve decided to make it personal. With my wife and daughter at my side, I set out on this next trip. Our goal is to keep our life simple and make it simple for the buyer. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated (beyond what the law requires),  just my family working to get things right for you and your family!